Jato Dynamics Limited致力于公平,诚实,公开,诚信地开展业务活动。我们不容忍贿赂,我们期待所有的第三方与我们做生意做同样的事。我们根据需要进行尽职调查,以确保我们不适用于第三方,其标准与贿赂有关的标准可能会妥协我们的声誉。


The Board is committed to implementing and enforcing effective procedures to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery and ensure compliance with the Bribery Act 2010. A nominated senior leader (the ‘Compliance Officer’) is responsible for the implementation, effective operation and regular review of JATO’s Anti-Bribery policy and procedures.

点击这里访问Jato的反贿赂政策。If you have any concerns or suspicions that JATO, or any of its employees, service providers, agents, contractors, consultants, trading partners, suppliers or customers may have behaved in a way which is in breach of the Bribery Act 2010, or JATO’s Anti-Bribery policy, please contact The Compliance Officer, by emailingcompliance.officer@jato.com.